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Tae-hwan kwon, M.D., Ph.D.

Welcome to KNU School of medicine!
Kyungpook National University School of Medicine was established in 1923 as one of the earliest modern medical institutions in the country. Since then, it has produced more than 8,500 graduates with outstanding achievements in education, research, and healthcare in not only Korea but also worldwide. While our school has long been known for innovative education and vibrant student activities, it is the passion for intellectual growth among the faculty and students that truly sets it apart from other institutions.

In order to create the best learning environment, each member of the school community makes every effort to do their part, thereby generating a greater synergy. We have more than 260 distinguished faculty members who work tirelessly to help students achieve their highest potential, and conduct forward-thinking research. In addition, they deliver first-class treatment to patients and inspire major healthcare policies. Our students invest in their personal growth by utilizing our highly sophisticated curriculum and advanced clinical programs. The school works with the Korean government and the alumni of Kyungpook University School of Medicine to create funding and networking opportunities for further support. By working together, our institution is fully committed to exploring creative medical solutions and cultivating exceptional professionals for the future.

Recently, Kyungpook National University School of Medicine has created the second campus in Chilgok, Daegu. Kyungpook National University’s main hospital in Samduk has provided educational opportunities for over 100 years. Now, with the additional university hospital, cancer center, geriatric hospital and children’s hospital in Chilgok, we aim to continue providing cutting-edge technology and diverse clinical experiences to nourish the academic and professional minds. Our institution will always strive to serve the community, challenge the most brilliant scholars, and forge novel ways to meet the rapidly changing medical landscape. We ask for your support and participation for this exciting journey.

Thank you.

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