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Basic Science
Department Department of Family Medicine
Introduction Family Medicine is the medical specialty that provides continuing and comprehensive health care for the individual and the family. It is the specialty in breadth that integrates the biologic, clinical, and behavioral sciences. The scope of Family Medicine encompasses all ages, both sexes, each organ system, and every disease entity. The specialty of family Medicine is the result of the evolved and enhanced expression of general medical practice and is defined uniquely within the family context.
The department of Family Medicine educates and trains medical students to become the doctors being capable of;
1. treat and diagnose almost every disease entity including common diseases of the community, lifestyle diseases, chronic diseases, and nonspecific symptoms.
2. make effort for disease prevention and helath promotion
3. Family doctor who understand and approach the family's health status in a comprehensive and multidisciplinary way.
4. play a role as guides for the patients.​


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Chairman:Hae-Jin Ko, MD, PhD. Assistant professor Department of Family Medicine​