KNU School Of Medicine


Basic Science
Department Department of Molecular Medicine

Based on the latest basic medicine, Department of Molecular Medicine conducts education and research on the principles of various diseases such as cancer, aging, cerebrovascular disease, bone disease and metabolic diseases, and development of molecular diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. To this end, we have the infrastructure for cell culture system, animal models, drug analysis, drug synthesis, protein analysis, image analysis, and nanobiochip development. We are actively conducting research being involved in Biomedical science graduate program, BK21 program, and many government-funded research projects such as Biomedical MRI project and Exosome fusion research project. We are also contributing to the commercialization of new drugs, cosmeceuticals and diagnostic techniques through the clinical trial center and professors' start-up venture companies.

Professors Chairman: Yong Chool Boo, PhD

Yongmin Chang, PhD
Young-Ran Yoon, MD, PhD
Jeongsoo Yoo, Ph.D.
Moon-Chang Baek, PhD
Jung-Eun Kim, PhD​
Sung-Wook Nam, PhD